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We are excited to announce Calgary Community Land Trust Society is now a separate housing entity called HomeSpace Society. We look forward to meeting the needs and aspirations of our residents, partners and community. We will be rolling out our new presence and engaging with our community over the coming weeks and months. We are focused on collaborative and innovative housing to achieve our vision – Housing Our Community. Thank you for your ongoing support in building HomeSpace Society.

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Who Is HomeSpace Society?

About Us

In 2003, HomeSpace Society (formerly Calgary Community Land Trust Society) was created to grow capacity in the non-market housing sector to access affordable housing and to significantly advance community–based planning and delivery of housing options, specifically to vulnerable populations. HomeSpace exists to support social agencies’ access to safe, appropriate and affordable housing for vulnerable populations in our city.

HomeSpace owns a portfolio of over 400 units of housing in 20 communities throughout Calgary and we work with agencies who provide supports to vulnerable Calgarians in need of housing. We are also a property developer, building specialized permanent housing in order to continually add to the affordable housing stock in our city.

Board Members: David McIlveen, Paul Batistella, George Coppus, Trevor Daroux, Gord McFarlane, Bernadette Majdell, Maggie Rabinovitz, Kevin Screpnechuk, Alina Turner, Darcy Verhun

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The Numbers:

400 +
Units of Rental Housing