Building New Opportunities

Over the next three years, we have plans to grow to 600 units, housing close to 1,000 residents. Once we complete construction, we partner with agencies to provide housing to the community. Each of our current and future developments will increase affordable housing in our city to meet the goals of Calgary’s Community Plan to End Homelessness.

We work with talented home builders, consultants, government and the community through the planning and development of each project.

Community consultation and engagement is important to us before and during the development of each building. We meet with community associations, neighbours and businesses in advance. We also sign Good Neighbour Agreements with communities if they choose to do so.

If you have concerns or questions about a planned development in your area, please contact us.

South Calgary

This property was purchased in May 2016 to construct a 23-unit building for singles. Total project cost is expected to be $5.4 million and occupancy is slated for January 2018. This building was made possible through the Government of Alberta grant and RESOLVE Campaign (David & Leslie Bissett). We will …

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